• A Tale of Michael Collins and Winston Churchill
  • Stepping Stone to a Free Ireland: Volume One, Truce
  • by John Deane, 2022

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In the aftermath of Bloody Sunday in Dublin, Ireland, in 1920, Michael Collins, the director of the world’s first true counter-intelligence agency, is denounced by the British Colonial Secretary, the world-famous Winston S. Churchill, as the leader of a “murder gang.” This book is the fictionalized but historically based and vividly told story of how these two adversaries came to work together toward creating the Irish Free State.

Over the course of three volumes, the lives, loves, and friendships of these two remarkable men are seen to influence the Anglo-Irish War and political struggles that resulted in the treaty that Collins held as “The Stepping Stone to Freedom.”

Volume One, Truce describes the events in the Anglo-Irish War, from Bloody Sunday to the truce that led to the negotiations for a treaty.

Volume Two, Treaty covers the period when Collins was in London negotiating the terms of the treaty with Lloyd George and Churchill and closes with the debates and vote on the treaty in the Dáil, the Irish parliament. This book is due in the Fall of 2022.

Volume Three, Freedom describes the new Provisional Government in Dublin, Churchill’s eloquent support in Parliament of the Irish Constitution drafted by Collins, the general election in Ireland and the ensuing civil war. This final volume is due the Winter of 2022-2023.

  • Acts of Light, Martha Graham in the 21st Century,
  • by John Deane and Nan Deane Cano
  • (University Press of Florida, 2006)
  • Available online at:


    • John Rockwell, The New York Times, Dec. 10, 2006:
    • Dance photography is always much among us, and a handsome new example has just been published by the University Press of Florida, which has become one of the prime sources for dance books. "Acts of Light: Martha Graham in the Twenty-first Century" ($39.95) is a chronicle of that troubled company today. Not that the book, with photographs by John Deane and a text by his sister, Nan Deane Cano, hints at the lawsuits, the financial debt, the managerial instability. This is a triumphal attestation of how the rich Graham heritage is being sustained by the company. The photographs, while capturing the full weirdness of Graham's theatrics and costumes, also reveal some remarkable dancers at the height of their powers.
    • Emily Macel, Dance Magazine, Dec., 2006:
    • "the photos are full of light and reveal a great legacy."
    • Susan Walker, The Toronto Star, Dec. 11, 2006:
    • The Complete Dance Library ... needs a copy of "Acts of Light, Martha Graham in the 21st Century." This large-format book contains photos you'll wish you could put on your wall. John Deane has done mouth-watering colour portraits of members of the Martha Graham Dance Company costumed and in poses from some Graham modern masterpieces, including Applachian Spring and Deaths and Entrances.
    • Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times, Dec. 15, 2006:
    • MARTHA GRAHAM LIVES...an enticing preview of Graham's choreography...stunning color photographs.
    • The Los Angeles Times, Dec. 17, 2006, "The Best of 2006 / Gifts":
    • Photographer John Deane has captured stunning images of members of the Martha Graham Dance Company. "Acts of Light" combines those portraits with text by Nan Deane Cano.